3. What are the fixed costs of a dynamic website?

There are three costs: a) The cost of naming (domain name) which varies within the framework of 25€/2 years. b) The cost of hosting (web hosting) its reasonable variation is 55-70€/year. c) The design cost (web design). Of the above, only the design cost has a wide range of variation depending on the complexity, aesthetics, […]

2. What benefits do my customers get from the website?

Consumers – customers of a business have the ability to access your business 24 hours a day, from almost any location. They can find relevant and detailed information about your products, in seconds. Also, they can be informed about your offers, new products, etc. directly and quickly, as well as to communicate with you more […]

1. Why should I create a dynamic website?

The ability to reach thousands of people, the interactive nature of dynamic websites, the variety of usage options, and the rapid development of various perspectives result in many benefits for your company, your business, or your personal profile. In a dynamic website, you can easily change its content, enrich it with articles, videos, images, and […]